Akvizícia pôdy

DSA is today a reputable and well-liked renter and buyer of land in the regions of Dunajská Streda and Komárno. We always meet our agreements and always give the best price in the market. We take good care of the land so that it retains its cultivation value.

If you own the property directly or near to the regions of Dunajska Streda, Komarno or Galanta and you are interested in selling or renting your land, we can buy or rent it from you. By selling your property we offer full service. Our Land Department arrange for you all formalities what mean:

  • we prepare the purchase contract and we prepare also the deposit proposal,
  • we will pay the costs of submitting the deposit proposal.

The prices are agreed with each owner individually depending on the cadastral area, parcel size, co-ownership share. In case of your interest, contact our Land Department and arrange a meeting with us.

We always keep the terms and conditions and we offer the best price on the market. DSA is today a recognized and sought-after tenant and land purchaser in the regions of Dunajska Streda, Komarno and Galanta. We take good care of the soil to maintain its cultivation value.


Orosz Péter

0911/ 024 652 

Zsuzsanna Sidó

0903/766 181

Land Department

031/590 34 26