Pig sale 

Meeting domestic demands

Our pigs are sold to various slaughter houses across Central Europe. We focus, however, on the domestic market as well as nearby Hungary.

The Slovak and Hungarian cuisine is largely based on pork dishes, thus these countries have a constant need for quality pork. DSA meets that need and supplies both markets with large quantities of lean, fresh pork.

Considering any future supply challenges and various unforeseen events we see it as an important task to contribute to domestic self-sufficiency. Hence, Slovakia continues to be our primary market. We currently account for 25 % of all Slovakian pigs and remain focused to keep up our production.


Being a large supplier of pork, we pay close attention to any European outbreaks of the viral disease, African swine fever (ASF).

Humans are not susceptible to this illness, but for domestic swine and wild boars ASF is often deadly as neither vaccines nor cures exist. Thus, an outbreak can cause critical socio-economic consequences in affected countries.

In May 2018, the Slovak Veterinary and Food Administration classified the Hungarian, Ukrainian and Czech border regions as buffer zones and prepared 13 health and hygiene standards that can help reduce the risk of transferring ASF to Slovakia.

Complying strictly with these standards, DSA remains hopeful to keep Slovakia safe from outbreaks.

For more details about the domestic situation, please visit The State Veterinary and Food Administration.


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