Pig sale

The main market for DSA is the domestic market. The Slovak and Hungarian cuisine is largely based on pork dishes, so there is a constant great need for quality pork.

The pigs are sold to slaughter houses, mainly in Slovakia and Hungary. With the ability to deliver large batches of pigs with high lean meat Dan-Slovakia Agrar a.s. is today a sought-after partner for many slaughterhouses in Central Europe.

All our partners are credit insured or paying up front. In case of new partner it is possible to sell only on the base of prepayment.

ASF: What you need to know

African swine fever (ASF) is a highly infectious disease caused by a virus to which domestic swine and wild boar are susceptible.The disease is incurable and doesn´t exist any vaccine against it. It is important to know that it is completely harmless to humans, only the pigs and wild boars can be infected. The disease primarily causes economic damage. After the ASF was registered, our most important trading partner, Hungary lost most of its export markets, which led to drastic drop of purchase prices.

Infected animals use excrement, urine, and blood to discharge the virus, which can be transmitted to healthy pigs by tools, boots, clothes, etc. The virus can survive on any objects in the summer heat for 3 hours and is infectious, but it is viable even for weeks if it´s protected from sunshine. In ham, sausage and other non-heat-treated meat products made of infected animals, the virus is infectious for 4 months !!!For more details about the disease, please follow the link.

The new outbreak in Europe has started in Georgia, 2007. Past 12 years it went through Eastern and Central Europe and last year has arriwed to the Western parts of the continent. In April 2018 the virus appeared in Hungary and on September 13, 2018 in Belgium. On 13 January 2019 the Hungarian authorities confirmed the presence of the virus (wildboar) in the Borsod – Abaúj – Zemplén county adjacent to the Rimavská Sobota district. The distance from the SK border was less than 1 km. In Slovakia, until today (28th February 2019), no illness has yet been found. For more details about the outbreaks, please follow the link1, link2.

In May 2018, the Slovak Veterinary and Food Inspectorate classified the Hungarian, Ukrainian and Czech border regions as a buffer zone and prepared 13 health and hygiene standards that can help to reduce the risk of transferring the disease to the area of Slovak Republic. For more details about the disease situation in Slovakia, please follow the link.


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