Pig production   

Unique genetics and modern facilities

Our herd is based on the unique Danbred genetics, which ensures high fertility, large litters of robust and viable piglets, excellent feed conversion, low slaughter loss and a high meat percentage. We frequently import new genetics and have a strictly controlled production of young gilts.

We have 8,900 sows and 1,600 pregnant gilts in our Nagy Dur stables. After weaning at 7 kg. the piglets are moved to our facilities in Vrbina, where the smallest ones are placed in specially developed baby pens and the rest are placed in state-of-the-art climate pens. After seven weeks, the pigs are sold or transported to one of our fattening farms.

The fattening farm in Dolny Stal has been in operation since 2003 and contains approximately 18,000 pigs, whereas the farm in Velke Kosihy was built in 2014 with a capacity of 23,000 pigs.

All facilities are well maintained and live up to the high European standards for animal welfare, environmental protection and biosafety.

GALLERY: Pictures from our sow farms

GALLERY: Pictures from our weaner farms

GALLERY: Pictures from our fattener farms