Pig production

The herd of sows is located on Nagy Dur where we have 8 500 sows and related 2 500 pregnant and young gilts. The herd is based on Danbred genetic. Frequently import of new genetic, strictly managed own production of young gilts and highly qualified production management has led DSA to position in the absolute top of primary pig producers in Europe.

After weaning the piglets are placed in top modern climate stables on the piglet farm in Vrbina. Here the smallest piglets are placed in special enriched “baby pens” and the rest are placed in top modern climate pens. After 7 weeks the pigs are sold or transported to one of our two fattener farms.

We are operating 2 fattening farm, one in Dolny Stal with the capacity of 21 100 pcs. This farm has been in operation since 2003. The other was built up in Velke Kosihy in 2014 with the capacity of 23 000 pcs.

GALLERY: Pictures from our sow farms

GALLERY: Pictures from our weaner farms

GALLERY: Pictures from our fattener farms