Who are we?

Slovakian agricultural specialists

Large flat squares of yellow, green and brown, narrow roads, and clusters of old gnarled trees surround Nový Dvor, where the DSA headquarter is placed.

Here you’ll find the administration as well as the mechanisation center for our plant production. The remaining parts of the farm are spread out in the districts of Dunajska Streda, Komarno, Sala and Galanta.

Thousands of piglets, sows and finishers grunt in our stables. Thousands of seeds grow in our fields and thousands of people are affected by our business in one way or another; they buy our meat, live in the surrounding villages or work at DSA.

We care about every little seed as much as every little piglet. We care about the environment, our local communities and of course our employees.

Hence, we not only strive to run a best-in-class agricultural company specialized in pig and plant production. We also strive to run a sustainable business that protects both people and planet.

GALLERY: Pictures of our production units, buildings and surroundings