Who are we?

Slovak experts in agriculture

Our company is located in Nový Dvor near Veľký Meder, where we have our administrative building and our mechanization centre of crop production. Other farms belonging to the company are located in the districts of Dunajská Streda, Komárno, Šaľa and Galanta.

We produce thousands of pigs on our farms and grow thousands of tons of crops in our fields, and this is how our company, in one way or another, affects the lives of thousands of people who buy our meat, live in the nearby villages, or work at DSA.

We treat every plant we grow and every animal we raise responsibly and with the same care on our farms. We care about the environment, the local communities and, of course, our employees.

Running a farming company specialising in pig and crop production, which is the best in its category, is not our only goal. We also aim to manage a sustainable business that protects not only people but also our planet.

GALLERY: Pictures of our production units, buildings and surroundings