Land acquisition 

Purchase and rent

Over the years we have acquired large areas of arable land in the regions of Dunajská Streda, Sala, Galanta and Komárno. We have done so with respect of both soil and seller and are hence considered a reputable and well-liked renter and buyer of land.

We aim to continue expanding our production and are thus perpetually looking for new arable land to purchase or rent.

DSA offers the best price on the market and always complies with any terms and conditions. We also take good care of the land in order to retain its cultivation value.

In addition, we offer full service and arrange all formalities including preparation of contracts and deposit proposals.

The price is agreed individually based on the cadastral area, parcel size and possible co-ownership share.

In case of interest, please contact our Land department and arrange a meeting.


Andrea Burietová
+421 910 713 722

Zsuzsanna Sidó
+421 903 766 181