Local community

Support for initiatives and proposals for cooperation

Since 2019, DSA has been introducing a new application process to support initiatives and collaborative suggestions. The Company will evaluate submitted applications and proposals on a multi-step basis according to predefined criteria by the Company. DSA aims to allocate financial and other material resources proportionally between the different areas of support. As part of the company’s charity activities, we have also set the main support areas and the types of projects we will support for 2019.

Priority Areas of Support in 2019:

• support for children and youth, their education and health,

• talent support,

• valuable citizens’ initiatives,

• promoting culture and sport,

• promoting environmental protection.

In 2019, we will support projects and initiatives in the form of:

• monetary and non-monetary gifts,

• 2% tax deduction,

• Advertising collaboration.

If you would like to ask our company for support for your project or initiative, please fill out one of the following forms available on our website www.dsa.sk:

Application to provide a financial or non-financial gift

Application for Advertising Collaboration

Please hand the filled-in application personally at the company’s reception or send it to melinda.lakos@dsa.sk via e-mail.

Please submit or forward your application by 01.03.2019 at the latest.