Farming bears part of the responsibility for the climate challenges we face today. Being one of Slovakia’s largest agricultural companies Dan-Slovakia-Agrar has great obligation – and great opportunity – to do something about it.

We feel committed to show how sustainable agriculture can go hand in hand with an effective, self-sufficient domestic production of lean, healthy pork.

During the past years we have taken considerable steps to reduce our climate footprint. We look forward to becoming even more sustainable in the years to come.


We have replaced approximately 80 % of the gas needed to heat all piglet stables with unutilised excess heat from a local biogas plant.


Our pig stables are part of an internal energy improvement program, where we replace less effective engines and lamps with new low energy models. This upgrade is expected to reduce our electric consumption for light and ventilation with 30-40 %.


Due to our location in Žitný Ostrov, where we have one of Europe’s largest reserves of drinking water, we are devoted to comply with above-standard environmental protection.

All nutrients from the pigs are stored in concrete tanks with extra membranes built into the bottom of the tank as well as sensors that constantly monitor if there should be small leaks from the tanks.

Some of our slurry tanks are surrounded by isolated emergency tanks which eliminate any risk of leakage. In addition, all slurry tanks are covered with biofilter to reduce emissions.

All manure is handled with the latest and most modern technology. Already from our first years of operation it has been an internal requirement that we applicate all manure into the soil to achieve optimal utilisation of the nutrients and avoid odour nuisance.

The result of this is striking. We never receive negative feedback about odour nuisances when we apply manure.
General odour nuisances from our pig farms are avoided by a wide range of measures, which ensures low excretion of ammonia in the air. A high degree of hygiene in the stables keeps down the amount of visible manure and hence minimises odour nuisances.

Simultaneous addition of enzymes to the feed, as well as an addition of clay minerals in the manure, binds the ammonia and also contributes to minimal odour nuisances.


Since 2020, we have converted 550 ha. agricultural land to organic production. These crops are sold to markets where there is a demand for organic food and hence, not used in our own production.

In the coming years, all field use will largely be shifted from low-till to no-till in order to minimise the use of resources and thereby decrease our ecological footprint.

Circular economy and local awareness

Our farm maintains a circular economy, where we basically produce all the grain and protein we need for our pigs and utilise all the nutrients from the pigs’ manure as valuable organic fertiliser for our crops.

The majority of crops are used to produce pig feed at our feed mill in Velky Meder. We aim to produce pig feed primarily from local raw materials and to market most of our pigs locally in order to minimise the resource consumption of our products.