Environmental policy

DSA is committed to protecting the environment. The company seeks to demonstrate its responsible corporate citizenship by complying with relevant environmental legislation and regulations. We create, implement and periodically audit of good environmental practice.


Slovakia is today free of dreaded diseases like PEDV and African Swine fewer. Therefore it is the duty of all pig producers to do everything in their power to prevent an infection and subsequent spread of these diseases.
In DSA, we have employed a specialized biosecurity controller, which constantly monitors, supervises employees and improves our biosecurity.
These strict biosecurity rules are not only prevention for DSA. It is also a help to ensure that Slovakia can stay free of the dreaded disease and retain its status as swine-exporting country.

Animal welfare

Our facilities for pigs fulfil the Slovak and EU legislation for animal welfare. Our employees are trained to meet the animals’ needs and behavior. We have 2 veterinarians full-time in the stables to monitor and treat the animals.
The animals are transported in modern transport facilities that are equipped by air condition, water system and give the highest possible comfort for the animals during transport in order to eliminate the stress of the animals.