Crop production   

11,000 ha land producing quality maize, wheat, barley, soya and rapeseed

Our fields are located in the districts of Dunajska Streda, Komarno, Sala and Galanta, where the soil is black and the climate is dry. The main crops are maize, wheat, barley and rapeseed, but we also produce soya and various specialty crops.

550 ha of our land is managed organically. The rest is operated conventionally and is mainly used to produce grain for our feed factory. Oil crops such as rapeseed and soybeans are sold primarily to local traders in order to reduce transport emissions.

More than 55,000 tonnes of quality crops each year ensure that we can offer our pigs the best possible feed. In return, we get large volumes of manure, all utilised as organic fertiliser in our fields.

GALLERY: Pictures from our plant production