Welcome to Dan-Slovakia Agrar

With more than 10,500 sows and pregnant gilts as well as more than 8,700-ha crop production we are one of the largest agricultural companies in Slovakia.

Such a title comes with great responsibility. Hence, we strive to run a successful and responsible company that puts great value in enriching the local communities, protecting the environment and supporting our employees.

At Dan-Slovakia Agrar we produce maize, wheat, barley, soy and rapeseed. The majority of our products are processed into quality feed at our own feed mill and consumed at our own pig farms. The remaining part is sold to local partners.

Our more than 350,000 piglets and finishers are also primarily marketed locally. They are bred with our self-produced pig feed, and all manure is utilized as valuable organic fertiliser in our fields.

We are proud of this circular economy and look forward to creating an even more sustainable business in the coming years.

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  • 200 employees
  • 10,500 sows and pregnant gilts
  • Production of top quality crops
  • 200 employees
  • 10,500 sows and pregnant gilts
  • 160,000 finishers sold per year
  • 8,700 hectares of land
  • 1 feed mill
  • 10 sites