Dan-Slovakia Agrar a.s. is today one of the leading farming companies in Slovakia

The company is specialized in pig production (6,700 sows and gilts) and plant production on 6000 ha of agricultural land. The main crops are maize, wheat, barley and rapeseed..

DSA currently operates in districts of Dunajská Streda and Komárno on 6000 ha of agricultural land planted with crops for own consumption and for sale. Company operates on 8 sites:
• The headquarter is in Nový Dvor, where you can find the administration and the mechanization center for the plant production.
• 4 farms for pig production (Nagy Dűr , Vrbina, Dolný Štál and Veľké Kosihy)
• 2 quarantine farms for the young gilts.
• 1 feed mill and commodity stock, Veľký Meder.

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